Humanity is getting closer to an AI-first world every day, and now is a fantastic time for IT firms to make their impact.

The Top 7 Startups with the Most Potential for Capital Investment

As we all know, AI and robots will govern the future. As a result, many Venture Capital companies and tech investors are looking at the tech sector from a bird’s eye perspective for all the unique concepts that may be turned into reality. It’s time to dream big, act now, as the new slogan goes.


SurveyAuto, one of the newest AI businesses, collects exact survey results using geolocation, call records, hyperspectral images, and open street maps, making it easier to survey individuals. Dr. Umer Saif, a Pakistani entrepreneur, is the creator of SurveyAuto.

The firm has been in existence for two years, but it just got investment from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for an unknown amount.

“SurveyAuto employs a crowdsourcing paradigm and depends on machine learning to select who provides data, where it is collected, and when and how often it is reported,” says CEO.


Securitize is a blockchain-based startup that makes it easier for traders to deal in private corporations utilizing trusted worldwide solutions. The platform is safe and provides investors with a high-quality experience. It is connected with a number of US-based markets, allowing merchants to trade without worry of losing money. The startup has raised more than $26 million in investment and hopes to become one of the largest markets in the United States.


Meatable is an organic meat firm that develops and sells lab-grown meat. The company’s creators believe that the present meat supply will not be able to fulfill future demand, and that killing animals for sustenance is just too ‘cruel.’

Meatable takes a single cell from an animal’s body and grows the entire organ in a lab. This procedure would take three years in the natural world, but it can be replicated in three weeks by this firm.


CoachHub is a cloud-based mobile coaching platform that offers individualized instruction to professionals at various levels of their careers.

The platform features a global network of top-rated qualified coaches. If you meet the prerequisites, you can also become a coach. It provides employees with live coaching sessions via video conferencing and flexible learning hours. You can convert your managers into inspirational leaders, improve team performance, and help employees thrive with this coaching.


Eligma is the next big thing in the world of blockchain and bitcoin. Have you considered how you may use a cryptocurrency that isn’t based on public demand? This is when Eligma enters the picture. It is establishing new benchmarks for bitcoin and blockchain in general. It’s also the driving force behind Slovenia’s new Bitcoin City initiative..

Mythical Games

With its blockchain-based games, the Mythical Games company is setting new standards for the gaming industry. The goal of the firm is to connect game developers and content makers closer to the games they like

Dapper Labs

It is a gaming firm that creates cryptocurrency-powered games. It is not just making games, but it is also helping to make blockchain a reality. Only a few individuals – gamers, innovators, and early adopters – are now experimenting with blockchain. Common people must accept this technology in order for it to be successful.